25 square feet

Our closet storage is ideal for storing personal items with no bulky furniture. Bicycle, fan and small furniture can also fit in. There’s no commitment – you can change sizes as you need, at any time, at no extra cost.

£22.95 per week

  • Temperature & condensation control

  • 24/7 security and CCTV

  • Collection/Delivery local & international

Reserve now for free. Our sales manager will contact you to answer your questions and organise the collection. 

Size estimate

Height: 8 feet

Dimensions: 1.5 m (w) x 1.5 m (l) x 2.4 m (h)

Box Dimensions: 50 cm (w) x 50 cm (l) x 50 cm (h)

Estimated Boxes: 22 boxes

This size typically accommodates the following:

Small furniture (4 x chairs, 1 x mahjong table)

3 suitcases

Electrical appliances (1 x fan, 1 x microwave oven, 1 x vacuum cleaner)


Transportation: We will collect your items using small van. We estimate that you will have 20 sq ft more of items. But it is not guaranteed. Please let your sales manager know if you might have more items than expected to arrive with the right sized van.

Collection fee: Free if you are storing for more than 6 months.

£59, subject to your collection postcode, floor number and storage period. We always collect from your doorstep. Please let us know if you need 1 or 2 movers.

If you want to decrease your collection fee, we can offer van for self-loading or 1 mover.

We can collect your items all at once or separately. You can always add more items to your storage. Additional fees apply, approximately £10 per item. 

Delivery fee: We can deliver your items all at once or by item. 

Delivery of all items is £59, subject to your delivery postcode, floor number and storage period. We always delivery to your doorstep.

If you want to decrease your delivery fee, we can offer van for self-unloading or 1 mover.

Delivery by item starts from £10, subject to the volume of items, delivery postcode, floor number and storage period.

International delivery: We can ship your belongings anywhere in the world. On average the price is £2-9 per kg. Please let your sales manager know the details for more accurate price.


We offer content coverage for as little as £1.99/week, for £2,000 worth of cover. It is extra £1 per week for every £1,000 worth of cover.

It is easy to upgrade your coverage if you are storing goods that exceed the £2,000 worth of cover. Get in touch with us to make sure you have the right coverage for your values.

  • £4k cover for £3.99/week
  • £8k cover for £7.99/week

It is important that you declare the true value of the goods you store, and that your Contents Coverage reflects this value. The value should reflect the value if you were to buy all the items new today. If you are underinsured, it will lead to reduced settlement of any claim. View the latest version of our Terms and Conditions and Summary of Contents cover here: Terms and Conditions.

Unlike traditional self-storage companies, we'll never increase your rate.

Locked-in low price

Request a quote online

Our sales manager will send you the price based on your needs.

Reserve collection

Provide us with all the necessary information for collection. We will send you the payment link on the day of collection.

Flexible deliveries & pickups

Choose the items in your online photo catalog and we’ll deliver them to your room or anywhere in the world.

Give your items a home. Free up some space and start storing with smartroom.

The entire process can be completed online – from the selection of a unit to scheduling the collection – everything can be done on our website. You would like us to deliver your items to Barcelona? No problem! Just arrange an appointment with one of our smartroom managers.

You can ask us to clean, fix or sell your items while we store them for you in our modern facility. 

Our Ethos

We’re here because the self-storage industry has made it extremely expensive and complex to store your belongings, and we want to change that.

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Smartroom makes it easier and more affordable to store sustainably. To do better than wasting. To say no to stress altogether.

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