Our story is the same as yours: we wanted to live in a place that just made us feel good...

But that was too difficult

and time consuming and expensive too...

That’s why we started Smartroom.

As typical urban professionals, our founding team – loved the idea of moving: new home, new city, new job, new roommates, new furniture. But they knew the current processes can be better: The expense and hassle of moving existing furniture that might not fit, creating waste by buying cheap furniture, or spending free weekends looking for new furniture. 

After working together to help Londoners move and store their belongings, the team realised they had more services to offer. And now we are aiming to flip the home furnishing, self-storage and removal industry on its head in a sustainable fashion that fits the way we live today. 

We also want to help the planet.


Fast consumption is out. 

By using Smartroom you’re also stopping the industry from “fast furniture”-cheaply made, self-assembled furniture that you’re forced to throw away after a single use. Let’s work together to cut down on the 10 million tons of furniture that ends up in a landfill each year. 

When we say we're here for you, we mean it.

Expand the possibilities of your home with Smartroom services.


Smartroom services



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