Smartroom Furniture

We’re taking down fast furniture one desk at a time

Personalise your workspace with hand-picked pieces from the UK’s leading design brands. We at Smartroom are inspired by the realities of life today, selecting unique products that can be used in diverse environments and for diverse needs. 

We’ve personally visited manufacturers in the UK, met with designer partners who share our values, and carefully listened to the needs of our clients as their homes were changing to the new world. The result is a collection of furniture unlike any other, an assortment of pieces that can bring your place to life overnight. 

Most of our products are built with performance fabrics and a component part system that makes it easy to clean and refurbish. Moreover, the use of sustainable materials, including certified wood, more natural and water based finishes, and stains and glues with low to VOC emissions contribute to a more environmentally responsible product. 

Our aim is to keep more furniture in homes and out of landfills. And with this furniture, we’re closer that we’ve ever been achieved to achieving that goal. 

Our Standards

City residents don’t want to commit to quality furniture so they end up resorting to cheaper alternatives that aren’t built to last. As work-from-home model is ideal for modern companies to cut off their carbon footprint, we aim to supply our customers with locally handmade furniture that is manufactured using sustainably-sourced materials to support the transition.  

Locally manufactured




Sustainably-sourced materials