Delivery process

How delivery process works

1. Select your items

Select what items you want us to deliver. We can deliver your items separately or all together.

2. Let us know

You can also use your online photo catalog to select what items you want returned and when, from the convenience of your home.

3. Message us

Alternatively, you can directly message us to organise the return of your items.

4. Choose your option

Depending on your needs, we will offer full service delivery, standard delivery or self-unloading.

5. Our team delivers

Choose full Service delivery if you prefer to have your items moved to any room or floor during your selected arrival window.

6. Leave a review

Let us know how we did to support our business.

Extra services

In addition to the delivery of your items from storage, you can add these optional extra services to make your experience effortless.


Our team will place items in your new home following your guidance and best organisation practices.

International delivery

We can deliver your items anywhere in the world, even one small box or all house belongings with the furniture.

Move-in cleaning

Our team will deep-clean your home using our approved checklist.

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What happens after delivery?


Enjoy the reunion with your items


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More items

Request delivery of other items when you need them

About delivery process

When you move out of storage, there’s no need to rent a van or haul items yourself! Smartroom will deliver all of your items to the location you choose.

To remove items from storage, you can schedule a delivery. You can also use your online photo catalog to select what items you want returned and when, from the convenience of your home. Alternatively, you can contact us to organise the removal by Phone, Whatsapp or Email. Just log in to your Smartroom account, then click “Schedule Appointment” to schedule a return. You’ll browse items in your online photo inventory, and choose the ones you’d like back. Smartroom can deliver items anywhere in the world, to your original location, or another place or even when you are away.

The cost of the delivery will depend on the number of items, as well as the date and level of assistance you choose. Typically, these appointments cost £29 plus £9 per item and vary by area. You’ll have the option to choose between a Full Service delivery, Standard delivery or self-unloading.

Choose our Full Service delivery if you prefer to have your items moved to any room or floor during your selected arrival window.

Choose our Standard delivery if you want us to deliver your items to the ground floor and only help with unloading from van by our driver.  Your team will place all items outside, in one designated location of your choice.

Choose Self-Unloading to make the delivery more affordable. Our van will arrive to your building and park as close as possible. This will help you to self unload your items smoothly and efficiently.

Schedule your return at least 72 hours ahead of time (subject to availability). In some cases, depending on the volume of items, we can deliver your items the next day.

Return times tend to book up a few days in advance, so we recommend scheduling as soon as you can to ensure delivery when you choose! If you are scheduling a Final return of all items and closing your account, ensure you schedule your return to take place prior to your next billing cycle so that you are not charged for another full week of storage. Smartroom does not prorate weekly fees. These appointments vary in cost based on your plan size and term commitment.


If you want our movers to assemble your items, please let us know in advance. We are able to provide extra services for additional fee. We will always try to help as much as possible. Please let us know in advance if anything requires licensing or certification to prepare better.

Smartroom can return items when you are not home. We can even unpack your belongings via video call. Your items can be returned to you without anyone needing to be present.

We can deliver your items anywhere in the world. We can ship one small box or move furniture with all of your home belongings.

Give your items a home. Free up some space and start storing with smartroom.

The entire process can be completed online – from the selection of a unit to scheduling the collection – everything can be done on our website. You would like us to deliver your items to Barcelona? No problem! Just arrange an appointment with one of our smartroom managers.

You can ask us to clean, fix or sell your items while we store them for you in our modern facility. 

Our Ethos

We’re here because the self-storage industry has made it extremely expensive and complex to store your belongings, and we want to change that.

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Smartroom makes it easier and more affordable to store sustainably. To do better than wasting. To say no to stress altogether.

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