Tic Toc Chair

The stool that keeps tune with your body’s changing needs, Tic Toc keeps you in happy, healthy, flowing motion.


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A chair to align your spine, body, and mind.

Designed to encourage your body’s natural posture, rhythm, and need for movement, Tic Toc is all about the feel-good micro-adjustments your body naturally craves. The swiveling and side-to-side rocking motions keep your body moving, your back aligned, and your circulation flowing so you feel more engaged, more fully yourself, in every moment.

While many of our customers have bought Tic Tocs for their Jarvis Standing Desks, they seem to be equally appreciated as dining and living room chairs, sewing and guitar-playing stools, meditation seats, even baby rockers. We’ve also heard from parents that there’s no better chair for keeping restless kids at the kitchen table.

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Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 33 × 60 cm
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