Remi Standing Desk

An adjustable-height desk for the budget-conscious. Created by the same designers, engineers, and manufacturers as our award-winning Jarvis, Remi gives you stability and a smooth, powerful lift.


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Ever since Jarvis came along and set a new benchmark for standing desks, a lot of inferior imitations have appeared. Many of them, unsurprisingly, have had price points lower than Jarvis. We took this as a challenge: could we create a standing desk that’s more accessible to budget-conscious customers without sacrificing quality? The answer, it turned out, was yes. And the result was Remi.

One thing we knew from the start: we refused to reduce the desk to a single motor. Just like Jarvis, each lifting column on Remi has its own dedicated motor which is key to providing a powerful, smooth, and stable lift when adjusting your desk height.

With a clean design and functionality as simple as it gets, Remi fits right into the flow of any office, home, or dorm room. It’s a desk that enables you to sit, stand, lean, and stretch throughout the day, keeping you moving, engaged, and loving how you feel while you work.

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 130 × 90 × 8 cm
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