Capisco Puls Chair

Designer Peter Opsvik created this modern, slimmer retake on his iconic Capisco, the chair that came on the scene 28 years ago to revolutionise the way we feel at work.


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28 years after debuting his iconic Capisco task chair, designer Peter Opsvik returned to his original creation with fresh vision–and a price that makes this popular award-winning chair pleasantly affordable.

Capisco Puls is everything we love about the original Capisco—the human-inspired design, the many ways to sit in it, its perfect compatibility with an adjustable height standing desk—but with a modernised molded polyurethane seat and back, and a slimmer saddle that allows you to sit with your legs closer together.

Like the original Capisco, Puls uses recycled household plastic in its parts and recycled car bumpers in its foam padding. For the seat we only have one option the fully upholstered (Puls Plus).

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Dimensions 70 × 46 × 105 cm
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