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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Storage Unit in London?

At a glance

Storage unit prices are usually anywhere from about £135-£460 per month. Cost of self storage usually depends on the size(bigger sizes cost more) and availability(prices go up when less units become available). The best storage unit companies are about 15% cheaper if you use valet self-storage, if taking into account all associated costs. Don’t forget about other costs like insurance, locker and moving your items into the self-storage unit.

The cost of storage unit

Self-storage units cost around £210 per month. We analysed 30 self-storage companies with more than 1,400 quotes and found that monthly prices range from about £135 for a small storage unit to nearly £460 for a large one.

Average cost of storage units

Storage unit sizes and their average monthly costs

Small (25-50 sq ft) – £135

Medium (75-150 sq ft) – £290

Large (200-360 sq ft) – £460

Data as 1/11/2021. Average prices include online rates plus taxes and insurance. Administrative fees are not included. Sizes, discounts and other factors are subject to change. 

What can affect the price of storage units?

Self-storage prices based on storage unit size, additional features, and how many vacant storage units left. Make sure you compare prices from as much companies as you can. And never take into account calculating insurance, lockers and moving to the self-storage facility.

Storage unit sizes

Bigger storage units have higher prices than smaller storage units. You can estimate the size of your storage unit size based on the size of your property. For studio apartment or student accommodation, you might need 20 square feet storage unit size. For bigger apartments like one and two bedroom flats you might need a storage unit size from 35 to 100 square feet. It will all depend if you plan to store furniture and if you can dismantle it.

Storage unit features

Let us dig deeper into the self storage features offered by most of all storage unit sizes.

Climate control