With Smartroom, it's so much more than just furniture.

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Find sustainable, curated furniture sourced direct from manufacturer from the UK. Rent monthly at affordable prices, with flexible ownership options.

Select a Plan & Delivery Date

Choose between our Smartroom Rental, Smartroom Flex or Smartroom Purchase plans. Pick your delivery date for as soon as 10 days in advance.

We do all the work

Our charming & highly capable individuals will deliver, assemble and arrange your furniture. We can also help you to store, donate or dispose your old furniture.


Swap your items, schedule a pickup, or keep your favourites! All your payments go towards ownership.

Get to know your furniture before you commit.

Keep your options open. Whether you want to save on upfront costs or don’t know where you’ll be in a year, Smartroom gives you the freedom to create a beautiful space no matter where life takes you. 

What happens at the end of my rental term?


Not ready to part ways? Just keep the party going for another 2 to 12 month term.


Find something else on the site you think may tie the room together a bit better? We'll come swap it. For free.


Grown attached? Just pay the difference between the total value and what you've paid to date. Never more than retail.

How we keep it fresh.

Our furniture is durable and modular to give it a second life once you’re done using it.

This is achieved through the replacement of parts/fabrics and gentle sanitation and refurbishment process using sustainably sourced materials.

By giving these pieces a second life, together we are reducing our waste impact on the planet. 

We cut out the middlemen to give you the best price.

No Wholesale Network – No Distributors – No Retail Stores – No Sales Representatives