We are proud to announce that Smartroom was ranked in the best 15 self-storage companies in the UK. We are proud to be recommended by the top real estate agents and interior designers. At Smartroom, we care about customer feedback. Hence, we value every review and take it very seriously. We especially value criticism and believe that it is the best way to improve.Unlike the traditional storage companies, we never increase your rate, and you can feel confident that you locked in a low price. We offer complementary free collection to our customers and emphasize the stress-free professional removal and storage services. You will have access to all the stores items through an app and can order to pick up or delivery of items at a push of a button. We make sure customers feel safe about their things and can even request packing by a Smartroom team to be done through a video call!We are constantly innovating, and we are not planning to stop. We introduced new range of services that include daily tasks such as laundry, groceries, pet care, etc. All of these services are a great way for you to save time on your daily routine activities. We pick up, store, return and ship your items anywhere in the world while you are benefitting from the low price. We are providing daily cleaning services and end of tenancy cleaning as well.Jarvis is a personal assistant that can help you with all your requests. With an ease of few clicks, you can order various services in the following range:

  • Home moving
  • In storage
  • Beauty and self-care
  • Cleaning
  • Food & drink
  • Health and wellness
  • Home improvement
  • Pet care

We welcome you to the future of living. With Smartroom now you can not only save space, but save your time and efforts, improve your living standards and not worry about the daily errands anymore.

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