Smartroom understands the struggle of being a student in London and how unpredictable university life can be, and we are here to help. That is exactly why we added a new feature where you can split a cost of storing with a friend! In order to save even more on the cost, you can now store with a friend, and both get a great deal. Save on collection and share storage space more efficiently.We interviewed past students that used our services and here is their feedback:

  • Tari: “I was approached by so many storage companies, but this guys made the communication efficient which I liked. Came on time and collected everything quickly. Thank you!”
  • Maria: “I got to experience Smartroom for the first time. My team of movers were absolutely amazing! They wrapped every item with care. They got everything done on time and were very professional”.
  • Alexandra: “The service is very flexible, fast, and comfortable. The team works responsibly and fast, which made my experience with moving flats so much easier. Would definitely recommend!”

Store for the period of summer break and not worry about your things in the future. If you are an international student, and you would need your things shipped back home, do not worry! We can ship internationally to any point in the world. Unlike traditional self-storage companies, we provide that flexibility to add more things to the storage space later on or take out some things partially.We emphasize and value quality of service, the safety of your things, and great price to always give you the best deal. Tell a friend about us and let’s start planning for the summer together!

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