At Smartroom, we want to help you free up your space. We are proudly helping customers to ensure space adheres to everyday living. We want to make storage convenient for you, hence we provide hassle free storage all around London. We can pick up, storage, deliver to any location in London or ship your things to any part of the world!In order to make it easier and more convenient, we decided to create an interactive way for you to keep your things stored with us. Most of the times, people forget what things they store in boxes and there is a hassle of either getting all the things back or keep storing it. It is hard for customers to take out some stuff partially while keeping our things in storage. Therefore, we provide you a solution of using our new self-storage service! We provide you an opportunity to have your own photo catalog. In your personalized photo catalog, you would be able to see and track all the things that you would store with us.Make some space in your room with our self-storage units. In order so explain the process, we created the following steps of how it works:

  • Full service self-storage. Our trustworthy team will help you pack and collect your belongings with the extreme care.
  • Simple photo catalog. Browse your items from the convenience of your room.
  • Flexible, convenient access. Choose the items you want in your photo catalog, and we will deliver them to any location.

This way you are able to pick up some things from storage when you need them or add more things to storage as you go if you want to make more space in your room. We understand that waste is a huge problem at the moment, and we are trying to minimize the extend of it by providing a solution to our customers. We support sustainable brands and taking actions to be more sustainable as well by using renewable packaging.

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