This number is even higher than NY’s 8.42 million population. People move constantly and life goes very quickly here! And as a fast-growing company we are ready for the challenge, and we are here to help!Smartroom is a storage and moving company that is headquartered in London. We provide effortless storage and hasslefree moving in London. We are super proud to introduce renting of furniture to our customers. You can lease furniture according to your needs and wants. Rent anything you want: sofa, chairs, tables, and many more!In addition to our main storage services, Smartroom provides services of international shipping to any location you need. There is storage by-the-box as well as storage units.

Our main differentiation is providing effortless storage and hassle-free moving in London. We are constantly growing and are planning to expand more in the coming months.At Smartroom, we value transparent pricing, so you always know what to expect every month. You can answer a few questions and get an instant quote for pricing. If you ever need to extend the storage lease, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you let us know.We position ourselves as a trusted storage and removal partner in London that you can trust. We are actively growing our Instagram page, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We are looking forward to growing more in the future. We are currently in the process of expanding more and looking to open more places in the next couple of months.
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