Ways in which Smartroom self-storage can help when moving house.

Moving home can be stressful, but also exciting at the same time. And putting your belongings away into rented self-storage can become helpful in saving time and money and provide you with space to store your belongings safe while moving.

Our Smartroom team has helped countless movers, and we will be very glad to help you too. Here are some ways in which our storage services can guarantee you a stress-free move:

  • Declutter your home before moving
  • Make packing and unpacking easier 
  • Keep your items safe while you are still in-between homes
  • Clear out your home while selling it
  • Have enough space to have work done
  1. Decluttering your home before moving

Decluttering does not only relate to those who want to downsize. It is also very useful to do when moving houses or simply doing a spring clean.

You might have more stuff than you realise, and putting some of it in the storage can be very helpful in managing it

Hiring a removal service could cost you more than renting a storage

Smartroom self-storage gives you plenty of time to figure out what would fit into your new home and what you would like to keep and put away

2. Packing and unpacking your stuff

Packing a whole house is very stressful and time-consuming. Having a Smartroom self-storage unit available for you to use as you wish will help you tackle every room at a time, rather than pressuring you to rush through everything. In addition, it will also give you time to settle in and unpack bit by bit.

At Smartroom our storage units can be used as spare rooms where you can keep items that you do not need at the moment etc.

3. Being in between homes

It is quite often that the move-in date does not agree with the move-out date, so you decide to stay for some time with your family or with your friends. So when this happens it is very likely that you won’t have enough space to store all of your moving items. You can take the essentials with you and store the rest securely in your personal Smartroom self-storage unit.

4. Selling a house

It is important to have your house as presentable as it possibly can be when selling it. Smartroom self-storage can help you in putting all of the personal items or unwanted clutter away while finding potential customers. For example, you might want to take out some bigger furniture pieces to make use of all of the space in the room and let some air in.

However you still want your home to look like a home and not like a museum, so do be mindful of not putting away too much.

5. Needing space to have work done

Using Smartroom self-storage is great when you need some space to give your place a touch-up. Whether you’re completely changing things or just redecorating it is easier to do both when there is more space available.

Moving in after renovation will still require you to remove items and then rearrange and move them back in. Putting everything into storage in the first place will save you a lot of time and work.

At Smartroom we are happy to help you with any removals and provide you with plenty of storage space, and also assist you with providing packing materials and direct help. Do not hesitate and reach out to us!

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