Top tips for decluttering toys.

Every parent in London wishes there would be less and less toys around. While, every kid begs for more. It’s hard to even keep track of them, they just keep appearing and with each day they take up the much needed space. It would be much more convenient if you could just put them in the same box and just keep it at that, however, all of them have different sizes and needs due to their materials. The same challenge is faced by people who use Self-Storage in London. There are always various options for toy storage such as drawers, boxes, closets, etc. Of course, before making arrangements about your child’s toys you have to go through and see what could be donated, sold or kept until there’s a perfect candidate for a “hand me down” and if there’s not enough space to keep them for later you could always use the services of a self- storage company. When there’s already a clear picture as to what is staying and will be used, go through some of the pros and cons of the following storage drawers.

One of the great and safe options would be slide in drawers. There’s a great selection of designs and ways to create a comfortable plan to keep all the toys in place. Their size can be easily adjusted to your child’s age and height to keep the environment safe for them and most importantly your child will be able to start learning how to clean up after themselves since the drawers will be easily accessible for them.

Next on the list, would be huge rectangular boxes. They are also easily accessible for kids and could even become a part of the game with enough imagination and dedication. Boxes are also easily cleaned if the little ones decide to use them as their canvas. With the correct design it could also be used as a table for floor and be complementary to the overall design of the room.

Another alternative would be baskets. Baskets can take a lot of shapes and be made in different materials as well. If they’re made from something soft then it would make the cleaning and drying much easier and since it would be possible to just throw them into the washing machine. They also could take any shape or colour which could make the mood of the room much brighter and joyful.

After all, toys are not only a way of entertainment, they hold precious memories of our childhoods and going through them envelopes you in a warm feeling of nostalgia and longing for the days when a new toy was the only concern of our whole life. It can be bittersweet to relive all the memories that were brought back by the relics of the past, however, nothing will ever be better than that special feeling. So sometimes it’s worth to keep those little treasures for a lifetime. And remember, you can always store the toys at Smartroom Storage in London. Our state of the art facility and team will ensure the beloved toys are kept safely. Our services of collection and delivery make sure your items in storage are always near you.

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