Top 5 tips on packing for self-storage in London.

What is the first problem that comes to mind when you think of self-storage? For many, the answer is packing. Our clients often want us to teach them how to pack their items, so that they can be stored for longer periods. It is very annoying to find out that you made simple mistakes only after a year of storing your favourite books with your frying pans on top of them, as they completely destroyed their freshness and original form. After providing packing & storage services to our clients in London, from Fulham to Stratford or from St John’s Woods to Surrey, we saw many bad examples of poor packing, so we had to repack it for our clients, as our main aim is to ensure the items are properly packed.

Tip #1: Do not be afraid to use different sizes of boxes

Many people tend to only use one size of the boxes for all of their items. We understand that is might seem to be more economical, but at the end you will have to pay the price of poor packing and on how it could effected your fragile items. Use small boxes for more fragile items, and bigger boxes for something heavier and that can destroy the items in the war of pressure and gravity.

Tip #2 Use fragile tape

Almost in every corner of London, you can find the fragile tape selling in stationary shops. It could be handy to help yourselves or your movers to remember which boxes require the utmost care.

Tip #3 Tape your boxes on top and bottom

Thanks to mother Earth, we have gravity that helps our world to function properly, but we sometimes forget that it is here with us every moment. That’s why if you do not tape your boxes from bottom, the pressure from the weight can help your items escape the box and result in breaking. Once we were collecting items for self-storage near Battersea and the client gave us box full of gym equipment without taping the bottom. Luckily, we noticed it, and taped if for client, but the risk of the gym weights falling onto our movers foot was high. It’s also handy to tape the top of the box, as you never know and someone will try to take it upside down.

Tip #4 Use bubble wrap, but wisely

Unfortunately, the ecological packing products are not widely available. We are continuously looking for such materials for our self storage services in London, but for now we highly recommend to use less of bubble wrap, only when you really need it. Not all of your shoes need bubble wrap, yes, we saw it before.

Tip #5 Don’t be ashamed to borrow

As an inside joke, we think that we store about 90% of packing materials of our clients in our self-storage facility. As they all buy everything new for their packing, like scissors and boxes. So once they packed, they no longer need it, and just store it or throw away. Probably scissors are only used 20 hours in 1 year, not more. So we highly recommend to borrow them from your friends for your packing, and return it to them so someone else can you it after. Let’s keep all this rubbish out of landfill and help our planet and future generations.


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