Smartroom, the perfect storage near me.

Let me tell you more about our company – Smartroom.

We offer comprehensive storage and removal services, including pick up and delivery, to assist customers in managing their personal belongings.

Our overarching focus is being innovative and efficient in our service delivery, as such, we are building an end-to-end logistics and supply chain platform that is disrupting the £3B/year self storage and removals industry.

With Smartroom, all stored items will be visible online and returning them out of storage will be seamless and easy-to-track.

Our value creation of the best storage company in London

In continuous efforts to leverage the customer experience, at the forefront of all our business operations are to ensure a hassle-free and flexible process. This aligns perfectly with our company culture, which focuses predominantly on the use of technology and innovation, to improve efficiency and offer our services on-demand.

We go above and beyond to gain a better understanding of your home to create highly personal and bespoke solutions. Rest-assured all operations are conducted in an ethically-driven manner to protect our clients and their belongings. Through shifting into a technologically oriented company, we hope to develop a centrally-managed system for independent workers, who can carry out our company services via their smartphones.

From packing and dismantling, to the way in which we operate, quality is an integral part of our success. This is translated into how our management and on-the-ground staff conduct themselves. We are:

  • Trusted
  • Experts
  • Caring
  • Affordable

Our storage and moving services:

Smartroom helps to save money of our customers by storing items outside of expensive boroughs like Chelsea or Fulham, instead we store items further away. For the customer it will be cheaper to store items somewhere outside of London, but then the costs for transportation increases significantly and this is not efficient or eco-friendly way to store your belongings.

So instead we can do the consolidated transportation for you to ensure the most sustainable way for your storage needs. We also disassemble, pack, move and load items for you. We always have packing materials, vans and movers. We cover whole Greater London area with the plans to work across Europe.

All of our services are accessible online and we are currently developing the cloud storage so you can see each item you store with us. We always help with removals around London.

More detailed self-storage tips can be found below:

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