Reasons to rent a Smartroom self-storage unit.

Having very little space left in your home can cause lots of inconveniences. And very often throwing stuff away or getting rid of it won’t help either. Smartroom storage units can help you solve lots of different challenges and are perfect to use in the following situations:

1. Moving or Renovating

When you’re moving from one house to another you can store your belongings in a storage unit before you need them in the new house. Trying to organise a move when having furniture around the house can escalate things quickly. So collect all of your boxes from the storage facility on the day of your move-in and drop them off at your new home. Alternatively, you can collect your boxes section by section.

Renting a Smartroom storage unit while renovating is also very useful to allow for some space.

2. Welcoming a new family member

If you’re finishing up a new room to welcome a new family member, put your belongings into a storage unit. This space is great for storing furniture that you will be using in the future, boxes with clothes, toys, or just any belongings that need space.

3. Need of a business inventory

Whether you’re a growing business or an established corporation, a storage unit is great to be used as an inventory or an archive. Our energy-efficient units that are supplied with climate control have temperature control that protects papers and sensitive items. We also have 24/7 security and CCTV.

More detailed self-storage tips can be found below:

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