How to help someone you care about to let go of things in London.

Downsizing, decluttering, redecorating, renovating, or embracing minimalism causes unearthing and getting rid of stuff that you don’t use.

People are different. Some are ready to give away their stuff to charity or to just simply throw it away. And some find it scary to “loose” a part of them. This guide will help you to prepare yourself or your loved ones to let go of the treasured items, sensibly. This guide is especially useful in big cities like London, where we have so many shops around and not so many self-storage options.

1. Construct a plan to declutter

A person with a lot of stuff to declutter may feel very overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that they have to put away in their self storage or get rid of. This can easily cause them to reject the idea of cleaning out their home and become attached to their belongings.

It is best to be kind and careful with them when starting to declutter. Stay compassionate, no matter why your close one is attached to something. A plan of what to sort out first can be very helpful, as you will have a list of things that have to be done first and last.

You might also need to try and avoid being too quick in this process, as some need more time to get used to having less stuff around them.

But always try to store as much as you can at Smartroom self storage facility.

2. Take up one thing at a time and make it organised

Try to find the times that your close one is ore neutral about and perhaps start your decluttering project from this section. This kind of approach will help them get used to the idea of getting rid of the items that are valuable to them step by step.

*Try to celebrate the success of finishing every section one after another

3. Every item has its own space

Having all of your boxes and stuff spread around the house is never enjoyable. Lookout for having everything piled up on top of each other. Try to have your boxes organised and tidy.

4. Sort everything out by “must keeps” and the rest of the stuff

Instead of saying to “bin” and “throw-away” at the items that are hard to loose for your loved one, try sectioning them into groups that can be “kept at home” or “put in a storage unit”. This will help to avoid arguments and make decluttering as easy as possible.

*After a year or so you might point out the fact that some of the items that were put away weren’t used, so perhaps now your loved one will agree to the fact that they aren’t needed.

5. Find a charity to donate to and avoid online selling

Encourage your close one to give away the items that aren’t needed anymore and that can be reused to a charity that they would genuinely like to help. Selling items online will add additional charges for yourself (like the shipping fee), but going to a charity store or organising a yard sale will be much easier.

6. Don’t be scared of storage

While it might not be a big deal for one, for someone else putting their stuff away from visible space around them might be tough. Make sure to take care of that and pack everything up securely and tightly using plenty of packing materials.

We offer packaging materials as well as a packing service that will make sure that everything is stored well and will help the act of storage to feel less harsh.

7. Have one room in your place as tidy as possible

Moving might feel very overwhelming, especially when all of the space in your house is filled with piles of stuff. Keeping at least one room tidy will have you feel more comfortable with all of the hassle and will become a resting place. Make rules for yourself on what can and cannot be in that room.

All in all, the key thing to remember here is that everyone is different and that for some it might be very tough to lose something that they treasure so much. So be patient and don’t judge. Look out for times when your loved one gets really uncomfortable and then seek for professional help like Smartroom.

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