How to do spring cleaning in London?

Even the tidies of tidy take up this challenge not as often a once a month. Spring cleaning is like end of tenancy cleaning should be carried out in any house since in everyday life we do not have time to monitor dust in hard-to-reach places – it is wiser and easier to do this once every one or two months.

General cleaning helps not only to keep the house clean but also to sort out things. Do you notice how every month we inevitably buy 1-2 things for the house, or even more? Thus, cleaning can be successfully combined with decluttering, which will save the apartment from unnecessary things. Smartoom helped many of their customers in London with their spring cleaning.

Let’s figure out how to properly carry out general cleaning, what stages and actions it consists of, what tips will help in its implementation and how to make cleaning easier.

In what case is it necessary to carry out general cleaning of the house and apartment?

To begin with, there are several types of general cleaning:

  • Seasonal spring cleaning of the apartment – its frequency – twice a year: after winter, when the temperature is stable and there are no sudden changes, and after summer, in October – before the onset of cold weather;
  • Special spring cleaning – we do it immediately after the completion of the repair, after the installation of new windows or other works in the apartment, accompanied by construction dust;
  • Periodic general cleaning of the apartment is a standard routine cleaning that we carry out every two months or once a quarter, depending on the needs of the family.

Features of general cleaning

  • Seasonal spring cleaning is always associated with the changing seasons. In the spring, it is imperative to wash the windows, hang up mosquito nets, and organize the storage of summer sports equipment.
  • Cleaning after a renovation may require special modern tools – a steam cleaner, a vacuum cleaner, as well as a large number of garbage bags. Smartroom uses all this tools.
  • Periodic spring cleaning usually involves working in three dimensions: walls, floor, ceiling. Wash the chandelier, touch up the parquet, if somewhere there is damage to the varnish coating, wipe off stains, glue the wallpaper, etc. – all this constitutes a general cleaning. You can always store this equipment in Smartroom Self Storage Facility in London.

General cleaning tips

We offer a detailed checklist for the perfect general cleaning, after which Duck and Freken Bock will nervously smoke on the sidelines.

1. What should be the frequency of general cleaning?

Normal general cleaning should be done once every two months or once a month – if you do it less often, then the layers of dust on the cabinets will already be quite dense and it will be more difficult to clean.

2. You need to start with a plan.

Be sure to draw up a plan of action, in what order you will do everything, which household does what and how long it will take for each stage of cleaning. Smartroom can share their normal procedures and cleaning tips that we are widely using in our self-storage facility.

3. What do you need for cleaning?

Prepare useful modern equipment and detergents in advance for general cleaning:

  • bucket with water;
  • mop;
  • a mop with a telescopic handle;
  • cleaning cloths: for the floor and dust;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • garbage bags;
  • boxes for temporarily unnecessary things;
  • means for cleaning the bathroom and plumbing, as well as the stove;
  • disinfectants that are used if insect control is needed;
  • cleaner for windows and mirrors.

4. Prepare the rooms by removing all unnecessary items and consider storing them in Smartroom Self Storage facility near you.

Decluttering is a familiar word, isn’t it? It will make your cleaning 2x easier and possibly 1.5x faster. Just throw out the things that you don’t need anymore (everything old and unnecessary, overly worn out and beyond repair).

5. Follow the general cleaning procedure:

  • clean living rooms first;
  • then comes the cleaning of the kitchen;
  • after that, take care of the hallway;
  • at the very end, clean the toilet and bathroom.

6. Useful general cleaning life hacks – how to do everything quickly and not get tired:

  • start in the morning – you will have more energy and time;
  • make a general cleaning plan and distribute responsibilities between households – even children can help (sorting garbage, sweeping floors, washing mirrors);
  • do several things at the same time (while the machine is washing, you can clean the bath, and while the pots and dishes are soaking in the sink, you can wash the windows in the kitchen);
  • buy all the products – detergents and rags – in advance, so as not to run to the store already in the process;
  • put on the music – by the way, our Instagram has a special cleaning playlist just visit it at!

Keeping clean and tidy after cleaning

After you have done the spring cleaning, the most important thing is to keep it as long as possible. This is necessary not only to make it comfortable and pleasant for you to live at home but also for things – so that they do not gather dust, get dirty and do not deteriorate. After cleaning, observe the following points:

  • always put the clothes in their place immediately after they have been removed or dried;
  • if you find it difficult to constantly fold clothes, hang hooks;
  • follow the principle of storage by type: always store dishes in one place, books next to books, gadgets and wires next to each other, for small things – select one special box, etc.;
  • spend 15 minutes a day on mini-cleaning: walk with a damp cloth over surfaces, and entrust the floors to a robot vacuum cleaner;
  • Have a nice little container for small debris in every room. After using them you can store them at Smartroom Self-Storage Facility in London.

Cleaning: yes or no?

If the budget allows, then you can hire professionals – cleaners who will clean the entire apartment in one day. They bring with them modern disinfectants for general cleaning, which is very convenient. In this case, you can entrust them with some part of the work – for example, order only washing windows or just cleaning. However, a full range of services will always be more profitable than ordering each type of work separately.

The main thing is to choose experienced professionals with good reviews, so the priority is to focus on the recommendations of friends and advice from acquaintances. Immediately agree with the cleaners about the fundamentally important points for you: how to deal with your personal belongings, how you used to fold clothes, where you store shoes, how dishes should be folded, etc. Do not forget to stipulate whether you need to clean the balcony or pantry.

In general, high-quality cleaning always justifies its price – after all, by spending money, you save your time, which you can spend on communicating with your family, on vacation, or important work projects. It is always handy to remember you have Smartroom self-storage facility in London.

Where to put temporarily unnecessary things

The point of general cleaning is to get rid not only of dust and dirt but also of all that is superfluous. If you did the cleaning correctly, climbed into every nook and cranny, then somewhere in the hallway you have an interesting pile of things. Here are old grandfather’s skis, which, it seems, still remember the 1980 Olympics, here are rolls of wallpaper and paint for the ceiling – the remnants of a recent renovation, and here are children’s clothes for growth, which will come in handy only after a few months, etc. All of these things you need, but not now. Something is waiting in the wings, something is lying idle because it is not the season – and all these things take up your space. Where to put them? We offer several options, each of which has both pros and cons, so focus on your capabilities and comfort:

1. Take to the garage. This is convenient since things can be stored there indefinitely, but you have to arrange delivery or transport them yourself.

2. Take to the country house or a country house. A free way to keep things safe for as long as you need them. Disadvantages can make themselves felt in winter: if it is cold in the house, then most likely things will get damp.

3. Hand over to the box or cell. This option is suitable for those who value personal access to things at any time of the day. However, you will have to pack and deliver things yourself – no additional service.

4. Rent a container. The advantages of containers are that you can store things of any size in them and have personal access to them. The disadvantages are that the containers are not equipped with heating and ventilation – things in the off-season can get damp and deteriorate.

The best option for storing temporarily unnecessary things

There are already quite a few problems from unnecessary things in the house: do they get dusty, take up space, and also take them somewhere? Well, I do not. We offer the most comfortable solution to the problem, namely, a service that will take away everything unnecessary and temporarily unnecessary from you. And such a service exists in Moscow – this is Attic!

The attic stores the things you need and are expensive, but you want to free the house from them until they are needed – just in time to enjoy a clean after general cleaning. We can deposit clothes, shoes, furniture, household appliances, sports equipment, exercise equipment, books, personal belongings.

How everything happens:

  • you place an order on the website or in the application – literally in one click;
  • our manager calls you to clarify what time is convenient for you so that we arrive;
  • on the appointed day we come straight to your home, pack things and take them to a warm warehouse;
  • you enjoy spaciousness and cleanliness!
  • You don’t need to go anywhere, you don’t need to buy packing materials, you don’t need to pack. All you need is to write to us – and the rest will be done by friendly movers. All your belongings will be displayed in your account, and when you need something, just order a return.

You have things that need to be stored somewhere, and we have a warm, ventilated warehouse and professionals who will securely pack your things and take them to self-storage in London. We cover City of London, City of Westminster and other areas. 

More than just cleaning

Spring cleaning is not only about a clean house, it is also about a clean head. Freeing your space from dust and unnecessary things, you put things in order inside yourself, become calmer, more collected. Notice, as soon as you got out, the mood immediately becomes better, you want to be more active in doing things and making important decisions. And the cleaner the space around, the more room for new ideas within you. Everything should be on the shelves! The attic will help you get rid of unnecessary things and tidy up your home so that it is clean and fresh. Smartly leave your comfort and things with Smartroom.

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