Can a queen size bed fit in a 5x10 storage unit?

Usually, 50 or 5’x10’ square feet  can fit in the contents of a transit van or walk-in closet, ideal for holding 6 pieces of furniture and 30 large boxes. Smartroom recommends to use this storage unit for items that you use seasonally or if you have furniture you are planning to sell. It takes on average 1 month to sell the furniture in London.

Below is the tip we want to share with you when you are storing your items at home:

There are two storage methods for your clothes: one is to put them on hangers and hang on a rail and the other is to fold them and put them in drawers. Smartroom saw a lot of people being attracted to hanging their clothes. People might thinks it’s much less work. However, Smartroom strongly recommend folding as the main storage method. But it’s a challenge to fold clothes and put them away in the drawer. It’s much easier to put them on a hanger and leave them in the wardrobe. You might not discovered the true impact of folding your clothes if that’s what you are thinking. 

The act of folding is far more than making clothes compact for storage. Smartroom believes that folding and packing your items is caring about items that support our clients in their lives, its an act of caring and expression of love to the clothes as they bring confidence.

All you need to do is organise your clothes on the premise that you aren’t going to put off-season clothes in storage. The trick is not to over-categorise. Divide your clothes roughly into ‘cotton-like’ and ‘wool-like’ materials when you put them in the drawer.


More detailed self-storage tips can be found below:

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