Avoiding damage when packing your moving boxes.

There are lots of reasons why people move to new houses in London. It is always a very complicated process that requires a lot of planning and thinking ahead. Moving a house also means changing a whole list of things that you are used to.

Once all the decisions are made, it is time to think about how all of your belongings will be packed and transferred to your new place in Chelsea, Mayfair, Stratford or anywhere in London. Packing everything nicely and avoiding damage may take up some time. Rushing packing will most likely result in some of the stuff breaking and being lost during moving. That is why we never rush at Smartroom Storage. So to plan and pack effectively first of all the best thing to do is to choose what kind of removal service suits you the best. This will affect the time that is going to be spent on packing and the number of packing materials required. If you will decide to use a removal company, you might also want to ask them if they provide a packing service. This will have to be done in advance, as it requires some planning as well, but it will save your time as someone else will be doing this for you.

Another option could be packing everything yourself or maybe even moving everything by yourself too, which will include packing, loading and driving. But if you need to save time this week, we of course highly recommend the best self-storage company in London – Smartroom.

No matter what you choose, the main thing here is to avoid damage, especially if you are planning to store in Self Storage. When ordering service you could pass on the responsibility of the damage onto the moving company, so you wouldn’t have to worry about paying for damage yourself. However, no one wants to stress about claiming those refunds when other things are going on at the same time.

To avoid last-minute packing start thinking about packing in advance. You may want to start by clearing out the items that you use the least first and think about the things that you still need and that will be kept away from other stuff on the moving day.

Here are some tips and pieces of advice that we have for you:

1. Wrap fragile items well

Make sure to use bubble wrap or newspaper for the items that can break easily (glass, porcelain, fragile structures). P.S. some printed paper can leave smudges on your items, so be mindful

2. Choose the right boxes suitable for your stuff

It is very popular for people to reuse their old boxes, however, we highly recommend that you make sure that those are still good o use (they’re clean, dry and sturdy). Most of the removal companies also offer to supply their boxes to you so that you don’t have to worry about it.

3. Label your items clearly

This will help with taking care of the fragile items or the boxes that shouldn’t be flipped over. Also, it helps with unpacking later on.

4. Don’t overpack your boxes

Having heavy boxes can cause you some issues. The boxes can either break or you won’t be able to lift and carry them.

5. Distribute weight across boxes

Make sure that the items are distributed evenly inside your boxes. The heavier items go at the bottom of the box and the lighter ones at the top, to avoid the weight from shifting around.

6. Don’t under-pack boxes

Under-packed boxes may fall during transportation. If you do have lighter ones, make sure to secure them well.

7. Use enough tape

Use plenty of tape to close your boxes at the top and the bottom. Tape is also good to use at the corners of the boxes to prevent them from bursting.

Keeping these tips in mind while moving should help you with moving without any issues. We hope that these were helpful to you; anytime you need storage boxes that are already packed do remember that we can also help you with this and put them straight away in a secure space for you to take them back when you need them. Smartroom storage provides all the packing materials when we provide our packing services.

More detailed self-storage tips can be found below:

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