16 Super clever bedroom storage hacks And Solutions. Ideal for self-Storage facility users in London.

There are thousands storage tips and life hacks available on google thanks to self-storage companies trying to catch your attention with their keywords strategy. And to become great company with large facilities in the future we have to follow their steps in some areas,  but let us make it with a style.

We read these thousands of articles for you to present you the most useful and achievable life hacks for the storage in your London home. But number one tip is to use Smartroom Self-Storage obviously.

1.Create extra shelves around the bedroom.

If you booked self-storage facility in London or an apartment, you probably notices that prices are always given in square footage metrics. While we always remind you that never to forget think vertically about your space. Use the space just under your ceiling with perimeter shelving which creates coziness and usability for you.

Bigger the shelves, more square feet of space you have in your home. We think this be should be a new norm in London apartments. It can also help you to save money, given how self storage prices increased among our competitors. So make sure you book your self-storage services with Smartroom.

2. Always place your clothes rack in the corner.

We noticed that so many of Londoners place their beloved clothes racks somewhere in the middle of the wall, which is not the best idea in small apartments. We highly recommend to place them in the empty corner, especially if you are planning to place the second one soon.

3. Manage your cables wisely.

The smallest and tiniest in your home can actually take the most of the space, especially now when the humanity is still not fully dependable on wireless versions of technologies we use today in London.

Make sure you organise your cables using special accessories or simple binder clips for a more smart and budgeted way. This will help you to declutter your areas around tables and beds, to make them look cleaner and minimalistic.

4. Use the back of your room door to hang the laundry bag.

This tip is simple, yet so genius, people profit from it. Buy the hanging hamper from amazon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/) and save yourself two square feet of the floor area in your apartment. But make sure to make your laundry on time, otherwise it can block your door and it will never open again.

5. Camouflage your rubbish bin.

We love maths at Smartroom, so every time we give an advice, we will try our best not to give some boring numbers to prove our point. But not this time. Trash bin of average size can eat up two square feet of your expensive London apartment. So instead, hide it and hide it well. The classics teach us to hide them under the sink and we ask you to follow. You do not need to show everyone your expensive bin from John Lewis.

6. Play Matryoshka doll with your suitcases

If you travel a lot, especially around the UK, thanks to the pandemic or the economy left after it, you probably have lots of different travel bags and suitcases. Start by placing the items you do not use much into the smallest bag you have. After place it into the big sister suitcase. I think you understood the logic behind our advice. This way your 10 bags will only consume the space as one.

7. Never store your connected hard drive on a table.

We at Smartroom, hide our drivers underneath the tables using the special double tape, but you can also attach it to the back of your screen, because even tho they help us to store lots of information, we do not really need them be sitting our desk.

If you plan to store one in storage facility for whatever reasons you have, we recommend to place it in the plastic bag and cardboard box for the protection. They are very sensitive to dust and humidity. Also make sure that you mention it on your list of items for the self-storage insurance.

8. Build a magical staircase aka bookcase.

Let us present you the most engaging and useful DIY project of that scale. Rule number one: do not save your money on high quality wood, as it will be the foundation of your health & safety. You can visit Mark at the hospital to ask him how much he saved on buying cheap wood and how much he lost to save his legs.

But if you are too busy and prefer to spend your time differently, then just book you storage unit with Smartroom. We are the most affordable self storage brand in London.

9. Buy storage bed.

We all love two in one deals, so why not enjoy the incredible storage bed available from IKEA and other bedding brands. As your items going to be stored at uncomfortable level, we recommend to store what you do not use often or some people enjoy storing their indoor shoes.

These beds are also ideal for customers who plan to use self-storage in the future. You can store your items in the bed whilst in storage too, which saves your budget on storage space.

10. Be creative with your jewellery.

Create a nice piece of art with your jewellery. Instead of storing them in wardrobe, where you will not enjoy seeing them and taking the space from more bad looking items, place them on cork board.

This is the best way to store you amazing jewellery and make you happy every time you pass them in your room. Make sure you use a beautiful frame that will look elegant with your jewellery.

11. Embrace the usage of rolling wardrobes.

Pandemic has reminded us that change of scenery is important for us, especially in a small London spaces. In big warehouses, leading companies always use shelving with wheels. It helps you to change its location without anyone’s help, especially now, when everything gets expensive.

Make sure you use all the space, but it is important it will not fall down when you move the shelves. It is widely used furniture, especially in supermarkets. And they do not take the sweets out of them when moving, so can you.

12. Use an invisible furniture in your home.

Ideal for small apartments or small room in your big house. Let’s be honest, we only need furniture to provide us with the functionality and not always their interior design beauty. In a case you never dreamed of that book shelf in your living room, use the invisible book shelf.

If you decide to store such a furniture, ask your Smartroom movers to mark your furniture with something colourful so they can easily find it when they collect it. Our climate controlled self storage facility is made for storing such a sensitive furniture.

13. Place a window seat in your bedroom.

Ideal for storage, but not as perfect as Smartroom self-storage, use the wide window seat underneath your window, assuming you don’t have full height windows, so that you do not block your view.

It can be ideal spot for reading, especially about Smartroom’s amazing services like self-storage and moving.

14. DIY own closet.

If you don’t have a closet, just make one. In a simpler way, closet is just a bunch of shelves and sliding doors. Please shelves and fix them with screwers, and after install sliding doors to make it a closet.

Make sure you store items gently and vertically. It is a trick that helps logistic companies to store the items. That’s why we created our modern self-storage, so instead of teaching all this boring stuff about storing, we collect and store the items with the best knowledge and technologies.

15. Best trick to store the yoga mat.

If you are fan of yoga, then you might now how important to have positive and open energy space around you. There are special holders on eBay for the Yoga Mats, that help to store them on the walls or doors.

It is much better way than storing them on the floor, even if you rolled it up. and if you don’t do Yoga yet, start doing it. It is very enjoying in big and noisy city as London. London parks are perfect spots to train your ability to calm down when everyone rushes around you.

16. Create a unique pegboard organiser.

It might not be ideal for minimalistic place, but it is perfect for loft style apartments in London. You will be able to store anything that you use on daily basis. We sure you already know how can they be handy, but we just decided to remind you about them.

More detailed self-storage tips can be found below:


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