2021's Top 10 Self Storage Tips.

Smartroom researched the whole internet and analysed more than 2,000 articles to find the best self storage recommendations.

What should you look for in a self-storage company?

Low prices. Cost matters. Make sure you chose an affordable self-storage company that won’t break the bank. Our research suggests the average monthly cost for a storage unit is approximately £23.94 per square foot per year. Consider using Smartroom Storage. You only have to pay for what you store. This is a cost-efficient solution for items you just need to store for a long time and not access constantly.

Reviews. Find a company that customers gush about in their reviews. Low prices don’t mean as much if companies charge hidden fees or you have to deal with rude customer service reps. Most of self storage companies have the right to increase their storage fee with a prior notice, so make sure to check your contract, otherwise your original quote can significantly increase.

Tips to protect your items. Securely close each box. Remove batteries from electronics. Wrap fragile items to avoid cracks and chips. Purchase specialty packing materials, if needed.

Label boxes. After you decide what’s going in storage, begin packing items in clearly labeled boxes. This will make it easier to find belongings when you need them.

Prioritise convenience. You don’t have to go out of the house to store your belongings in the storage space unit because the storage company will pick up and pack all your large items for you. Moving to self-storage is very stressful and time consuming, so make sure you choose self-storage company that does it all for you.

Self-Storage finances.

What company has the best value for money among self-storage companies?

Smartroom is working hard to ensure we offer the best cheap self-storage units. In addition to a low price of around £100 per month, Smartroom also pickups the items from any home in London and offer tons of perks like inventory list, self-storage unit shelving, delivery around the world, packing and provision of services remotely while you are in another country.

What is the best price for a big storage unit?

A big self-storage unit costs £60 per week depending on the size. Even if you choose to go ahead with traditional self-storage, we recommend you to check prices in different locations, as further away from central locations as cheaper the storage units become.

Do I need climate controlled storage unit and what is the price?

We do not recommend to store food in your self-storage unit. However, sensitive clothes and interior elements might require climate controlled storage conditions. Smartroom offers climate controlled storage, where our temperature is always kept between 19 and 21 degrees thanks to our modern system and solar panels that provide energy for it.

In London, most companies tend to charge 15%-40% more for climate controlled storage units. Make sure you need it, as if you storing items you might not need in the long term like kitchen appliances, you might use standard storage units.

How much it costs to transport your items into the storage facility?

One of the highest hidden fees is the delivery of your items from home to your storage unit. We tend to underestimate how expensive and time consuming it can be. If you planning to store more than 30 square feet, your items might not fit in UberXL and you will need to hire man and van services. On average, they charge £65 per hour and they only help with loading items to the van from ground floor. They also tend to charge for ULEZ/Congestion fees. Lastly, you might spend around 4 hours to move in your items to the storage facility. For the best value of your money and time, we highly recommend to use our collection services. This way you will never need to visit storage unit again.

What is the most important storage facility security feature?

There are many important factors to consider when accessing the security of the self storage facility. The most effective feature is video surveillance of the self storage facility. Traditional self-storage facilities have only the lockers to ensure the safety of your belongings. However, anyone who has self storage unit rented with the storage company, can enter the building. That’s why we recommend using valet self storage models like ours, where we ensure that only our team members access the facility.

What do you need your self-storage facility have 24-hour access?

24-hour storage means customers can access their storage unit anytime they need it. You pay extra fee for that feature, that is included in your storage fee. However, not many people really use that feature. Many people tend to overestimate the number of visits they will need to make to their personal belongings. So make sure you plan well and do not pay for extra perks you are not going to use.

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